"Where Sophistication Meets Sparkle"

David Simson Jewelry establishes a profound connection with individuals, encapsulating the essence of their past and future. It serves as a symbolic representation of the joy and significance found within their lives and relationships.



David Simson Jewelry was founded in 2002, stemming from my father's foray into the world of jewelry trading. Initially concentrating on Gold and Diamond Jewelry within local markets, our modest beginnings were rooted in serving the immediate community. These humble origins laid the groundwork for the growth of our enterprise into a dynamic and thriving entity.


Recognizing the global demand for high-quality jewelry, a pivotal shift occurred in 2009. In response to this realization, David Simson Jewelry embarked on a transformative journey. With the dedicated efforts of two craftsmen and a team of three employees, we transitioned from being local traders to proud manufacturers. Within five years, our commitment to excellence and the pursuit of perfection propelled us into the global spotlight. The brand became synonymous with artistry, renowned particularly for our exquisite gold and platinum creations.


In response to the global surge in online commerce, particularly amidst the challenges posed by the COVID era, David Simson Jewelry boldly adapted by launching its website, DAVID SIMSON. This strategic move aimed to directly connect with end-users, offering affordable and stunning jewelry to a broader audience. Today, as a prominent player in the Fine Diamond Jewelry manufacturing industry, we provide a diverse collection, spanning natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and captivating moissanite diamonds. From diamond rings to engagement rings, wedding sets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and unique hip-hop pieces, our offerings reflect a global journey marked by 1520+ "She Said Yes" moments. Join our extended family at David Simson, where dreams metamorphose into exquisite art, each piece narrating a distinct and cherished story.


Backed by a team of seasoned gemologists and jewelry designers, we boast a unique skill set in crafting exceptional jewelry. Our designs transcend fleeting fashion trends, gaining recognition for their understated simplicity, impeccable balance and proportion, and the captivating feminine allure they emanate.


At DAVID SIMSON, our dedication is to cultivate a Jewelry Industry marked by transparency, sustainability, compassion, and inclusivity. We are committed to crafting jewelry that resonates with your values, allowing you to wear it with pride and confidence. Our unwavering commitment includes upholding the highest standards of quality and ethical considerations.


Our commitment to the planet and its inhabitants is intrinsic to our identity.

Every Purchase Contributes to Tree Planting

We proudly express our gratitude to you, as your support has enabled us to plant over 7,728 trees and counting.