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Resize & Repairs


✧ If your ring does not fit, we offer free resizes. You just pay for shipping (From & To) charges. 

✧ Our current timeline for resizing requests is 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your ring.

✧ Ring sizing is not universal but we are working on standard ring size. We highly recommend too get exact ring size. You can check your exact ring size from any local jewelry store or you can contact us our TEAM they will guide you to get your ring size.

✧ While we have your ring for the resize, we’ll complete a full inspection. As part of our process, we'll automatically take care of any minor issues related to ordinary wear and tear. If we need to do any work that goes beyond that, we’ll send you an intake form. Then, with your approval, we'll re-perfect your ring.

✧ In some cases, we may simply exchange the original ring for an identical ring in your size instead of resizing. Why? If either a) it would result in a faster turnaround time, or b) if the integrity of the design would be affected. An exchange would only apply to bands that are plain gold and don’t feature any stones. And like all of our pieces, the swapped ring would be handcrafted from scratch. Of course, we’ll always contact you if we’d recommend that route.
Clients are responsible for shipping costs both ways (and for international clients that includes customs fees).

Please Note: If you chose the “Eternity Band” style option for your ring, resizing incurs a $100 fee (as opposed to our standard complimentary service). You will be required to email us to confirm your ring size before we can begin production on your piece.

Important Note: Please ensure to double-check your ring size before placing your order for a Full Eternity Ring. Kindly note that Full Eternity Rings cannot be resized due to their design. Our team will also verify your ring size to address any potential ring sizing issues.

✧ If you need a repair please contact us on hello@davidsimson.comBut before you do, here are some important details you should know about how we do repairs:

  • Our repair specialists write up an intake form that notes the current condition of the piece and any repair work that’s required. We’ll always send you a copy of that intake form so we’re all on the same page.
  • After that, we’ll immediately get started on any work that’s covered under the warranty (without bugging you for approval). That may include the following:
        - Replacing or Resetting Stones
        - Replacing the Setting
        - Prong work or replacement
        - Replacing thinner areas of the band
        - Resizing the ring
  • Please let us know before you send us your piece if 1) you don’t want us to do any or part of the above warranty-related work, or 2) you’d prefer to review and approve the scope of the work before we get started.
  • If work needs to be done that goes beyond what the warranty covers, we’ll let you know. You’ll have the ability to opt out of those repairs at that point if you want.
  • Clients are responsible for shipping costs both ways.
  • Our current timeline for repairs is 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your piece.

NOTE: If your piece needs a new stone, we can’t guarantee the replacement of limited-edition or one-of-a-kind stones. In the rare case that the exact stone isn’t available, we’ll follow up with you and get your approval on an alternative that matches.

We understand that things happen and fine jewelry is delicate. There are things you can do to take care of your jewelry, Read Here

But don’t worry if something does happen. We offer a generous lifetime warranty on all of our pieces. We stand by our work, and we want to take care of you and your jewelry.

Resize & Repairs